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The design

My Today App


UX / UI Case Study

UX/UI design


Today is a digital payout solution, replacing cash. Hospitality works can get paid instantly and allows thousands of dollars saved in admin costs.

This service is designed to serve up instant access to staff’s gratuities. Employers can pay out all credit and debit tips to the entire team instantly.

We’ve created an app that directly deposits their funds into their mobile wallet and the user can spend their funds immediately using the card. No more waiting for their money.

My role

I was one of the UX/UI designers is to work alongside the team to design the user interface and the user experience of the app.

I worked on identifying the different user journey stages that solves the main pain point which is “how can restaurant employee’s get their gratuities paid instantly”. The target market needs to be able to feel safe while using the app, receive their funds to their virtual wallet, and be able to spend/save as they please.


Adobe creative suite

Spend anywhere



Save towards goals

Stay in


Features & Functionalities

To resolve user needs


User wants to login / register to the app

Scenario 1 :

Splash screen

Home page



Enter details

Activate card


User wants to pay their bill

Scenario 2 :

Home screen

Enter pay bill

Add payee

Add payment

Pay bill

Select payee

User wants to transfer funds

Scenario 3 :

Home screen

Enter eTransfer

Add recipient

Enter funds

Transfer funds

Select recipient

1. Convenient and secure payment method: Can make purchases online or in stores, withdraw cash from ATMs, and pay bills. This eliminates the need for carrying cash or checks, which can be inconvenient and risky.

2. Budget management: The platform allows users to load funds onto the card and set limits on spending, helping them stay within their budget and avoid overspending.

The need?

3. Financial control: The platform provides users with real-time information on their spending, allowing them to track their expenses and make informed financial decisions.

4. Access to financial services: The platform can be particularly useful for individuals that may not have access to traditional banking services or credit cards. Manage their finances.




After understanding the user's problems and behavior, it's time to design the interface.


Color palette




Major screens




Semi Bold




Semi Bold

Problem Statement

When I get tips, I want to be able to get those gratuities right away and into my bank account the same day so I can use it to pay my rent, bills, or going out.

Bryan Freed







User Persona


Passionate individual working as a bartender for the past five years. He enjoys his job and likes interacting with customers, but he also works long hours and often has to deal with difficult customers. He wants to stay organized and efficient, but finds it challenging to keep track of his tips and earnings.

Pain points

Bryan often feels frustrated by having to wait for his tips to be processed and distributed. He finds it challenging to remember how much he's earned and sometimes forgets to collect tips from customers. He also has trouble keeping track of his spending and budgeting his income.

My main goal is to earn more money and be able to access his tips instantly. I want to find a tool that can help me manage my tips, track my earnings, and receive my tips right away. I also want something that is easy to use and fits into my busy lifestyle.

Home Screen



Activity log


Menu bar

Make payment

Easily pay bills

Select payee

Check balance

Add funds

Manage / edit payees

Send fund transfers

Select recipient

Check balance

Add amount

Manage / edit recipients

Rewards balance

Brands users can

rewards from

All the offers available

Learn more

Redeem rewards